7 Wonders of weaving world !
100% NEW RAPIER LOOMS with user friendly design and simple mechanism, which can be easily handled by persons with experience in shuttle,looms.
100% NEW RAPIER LOOMS Branded for guaranteed after sales services supplied DIRECTLY from RELIABLE and REPUTED Manufacturer M/s. China Textile Machinery (Group) CO.Ltd.
(CTMC) Foshan Textile Machinery Manufacturer, China with their 50 years experience of manufacturing of weaving machines and only LOOMS MANUFACTURER participated in "TEXTILE MACHINERY DELEGATION FROM CHINA" invited by TEXPROCIL and SIMA, COIMBATORE for supplying their machineries to India
100% NEW RAPIER LOOMS model HJ738-230CM (92' cloth width) with an average PAY BACK PERIOD for 10 looms is 24 months for INDIAN SORTS. (Please refer the attachment in the name of " PRICE OFFER & (STANDARD) DISPOSITION " )
100% NEW RAPIER LOOMS with crank beat-up motion and semi positive let-off motion can weave fabrics with "COVER WITHOUT REEDINESS" which is the primary requirement in weaving of Indian items and the fabric is without reed lines equaling to that of shuttle loom weaving.
100% NEW RAPIER LOOMS of Foshion HJ738-230cm with low power consumption as 2 HP,loom and working speed is 180-200 rpm weave dyed yarns at an efficiency of 80-90%, for shirting 40" R.S. at an average COST OF PRODUCTION of Rs.5.00 per meter.Pay back period of machine is only 20 to 24 months only.

100% NEW RAPIER LOOMS of China Textile Machinery (Group) Co. Ltd, Foshan Textile Machinery Manufacturer, China is eligible of the CAPITAL SUBSIDY of 20% under TUF Scheme (Technological Up-gradation Fund Scheme ) offered by Govt. of India.

100% NEW RAPIER LOOMS are manufactured for weaving of Flat and Terry fabrics with Dobby / Jacquard and Mechanical / Electronics version with proven QUALITY AND SERVICE breaking the general opinion regarding Chinese Products.

We Vision Weave are Sole Selling Agent in India for M/s. Foshan Textile Machinery Manufacturer is committed to provide the prompt service after sales and co-ordination between the Buyers and the Seller.
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