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               LJ304 Dobby Shedding Rapier Loom 
- : FEATURES : -
* Speed : 300r/min-320r/min
* Reed Width : 1900mm
* Electronic Let-Off Device :- Numerical electronic let-off is adopted,warp tension is stable in weaving process,each time to start the loom,it can achieve to trace the warp tension automatically.
* Beating-Up Device :- Beating-up by high precision conjugate cam and short sword,it can ensure to beat-up precisely and powerfully,while weave the fabric of thick and high weft density.
* Take-Up Motion :- It adopts cyclo drive reducer and has the feature of compact structure and high mechanical efficienc,and of low cost that can avoid excessive cumulative error of transmission.
* Independent Leno-Selvedge Device :- This device can weave the substantial selvage,because of it has the feature of independent structure and is easy to operate and adjust,in especial for weaving ealstic fabric.
* Frame Structure :- The frame is supported by solid base it can strengthen the rigidity of frame to reduce the vibration of the loom,that ensure the loom to run at high speed.
* Electronic Dobby :- Electrical control cabinet control the direct-current linear motor to monitor the horizontal needle to up and down that can achieve electronic reading precision is reliabl,and it adopts rotary dobby which is beneficial to run at high speed.
* Lubricating Device :- Pressure lubrication is adopted in dobby device and main transmitting motion.
* Weft Insertion Motion :- It adopts the structure of skewed tooth inside engaged and has the feature of not only simple but also practical and of redusing striking, noise and of high transmission accuracy.
* Numerical electronics weft color selection device :-It can select the combination of three colors, four colors and can make up the step increasing or reducing arbitrarily. The display of man-machine interface can make the data be apprehended at a glance.
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