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                DOBBY SHEDDING RAPIER LOOM LJ205   
- : FEATURES : -
*Commodity :-Jinfeng huang Numeric Weft color selection Rapier Loom
* Model :-LJ205
* Standards : -NI750mm, NI900mm
* Type :-Thare are rapier on both side and ,the insertion from right side and weft connected at the center of the loom.
* Nominal reed width :-NI750mm,NI900mm.
* Loom speed :-Weaving speed 210r/min-230r/min.
* Motor power :-Main motor 2.2kw(Three phases 380V, 50Hz).
* Take-up motion:-Positive take-up motion , the maximum diameter of cloth roll-up is up to 500mm.
* shedding motion :-Low mounting GT401A electronic dobby (Standard disposition is 12 pcs of heald frame , it can be increased up to    20 pcs of heald frame).
* Selvedge form :- Leno selvedge on both side of the loom.
* Weight:-Net Weight:2300kg
              Gross Weight: 2500kg
* Contour dimension :-(L)4859mm x(W) 1800mm x(H) 1945mm (NI90
                                     (L) 4700mm x (W)1899mm x (H) 19456mm(NI750)
* Weft insertion rate :- 400m/mim
                  Main contrction features and technical characteristics:-
* Main drive : - Due to electromagnetic cultch motor is adopted , the start motion and brake motion is timely and , the defects such    as reed marks are eliminated.
* Weft insertion :-Weft insertion motion from right hand rapier and the weft is transferred to the center of the loom to connect, the    weft yarn will be maintained at a constiant tension by weft feeder and than is transferred to the cloth - fell by gripper head .
* Shadding motion:-Low mounting GT401A electronic dobby ( Standard disposition is 12 pcs of heald frame , it can be increased up    to 20 pcs of heald frame), it can weave the dobby fabric.
* Beat-up motion :- Beat-up by conjugate cam with separate sword slay.
* Let-Off Motion: - There is anew type positive lef -off system in the loom, To maintain the warp yarn at a constant tension, by    means of adjusting bar to probe the warp yarn temsion and .to change the quantity of lef-off automatically.
* Take-Up Motion:-Positive take-up motion the loom adopts the system in which only have need to raplace a pick gear while    changeing th weft density of fabric.
* Automatic pick finding system :-After weft yarn broken , it can let the heald frame backward to take up automatically in order to  avoid weaving marks at restart the loom .
* Color selection motion : -Numeral electronic weft color selection ,standard disposition is fonr color , and it can choose six colors or    eight colors. Electron synchro- tracing and can make the step increase or reducing arbitrarily . The display of man - machine    interface can make that data be apprehended at a glance.
* Selvedge motion: -Independent selvage device especially for weaving weak weft fadric.
* Electrical Control System :-The main control adopts PLC, it has the feature of poweful braking , convenient adjusting and energy    saving.
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