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 Tappet Rapier Loom HJ 738 II

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Parts of Tappet Rapier Loom HJ 738 II

Electrical equipment control

Electron circuit control is adopted. is convenient for starting ,dot motion ,single weft ,stopping , and that can display the yam trouble of waup and weft.
Color selecting Device
Sealed Type Colorselecting device possessed the charaete ristic of attraction and low fault rate.
Strengthening TypeTapeTransfer box
It is can raise the loom speed and make the weft carrier transmission is more stable.

Shedding Motion
It adopts cam shedding motion, ensures the sufficient dwell time of the heald frame movement,it is favorable to adaptabifty of variety of fabric.
Stiffening Breast Beam
It is deneficial to raise the loom speed, that can make the machine runs more smoothly,and the quality of cloth is more stable.

Thickening Frame Side
It cam strengthen the rigidity of frame to reduce the vibration of the loom.
Crank Bracket
It is possessed the characteristic of anti-vibration ,that can reduce the vibration during the crank is running effectively.

Chain TypeTake-upmation
Oscillating bearing is selected and used for takr-up motion ,it can increase the transmission accuracy of take up.
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