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                HJ738 RAPIER LOOM
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HJ738 Rapier Loom is ripe product developed by Foshan Textile Machinery Manufactory with feature of simple structure and reliable performance and with ideal performance-price ratio. It has been proved by the user that trouble rate and the maintaining cost of HJ738 rapier loom are lower. HJ738 Rapier Loom has the advantage of stable running and low noises.It is the ideal substitute for Shuttle Loom.And the reed width of the HJ738 series is available form 180cm to 360 cm, and the user can use the wider loom to weave several fabrics at the same so that it can increase the output.
HJ738 Rapier Loom is suitable to cotton, blended, chemical etc. through changing Dobby card,this machine can easily weave fabric of plain, twill, satin, dobby cloth and etc.
HJ738 Rapier Loom with electronic Dobby is also available and it can set weaving programs through the display of electrical control box to replace of using Dobby card, it is very convenience of weaving complicated fabrics and can save the cost of using Dobby card.
Equipped with six-color selection box, this loom can quickly shift the varieties of fabric through controlled by Dobby card.The weft cutter is driven through the selection box with reliable motion and convenient adjustment.
The thickening side frame can strengthen the rigidity of frame to reduce the vibration of loom.
The stiffening breast beam and cross beam is beneficial to raise the loom speed that can make the machine run s more smoothly, and the quality of cloth is more stable.
Strengthening type tape transfer box is adopted so that to make the loom speed weft carrier transmission is more stable.
Electron circuit control is adopted. It is convenient for starting, inching motion, single weft, stopping and that can display the yarn trouble warp and weft.
Cramming motion device is also available for user to choose and buy. it can be used to weave different weft density fabrics.
Tuck-in Device is also available for user to choose and buy for weaving sari Fabric etc.
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