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                Rapier Loom HJ738III   
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HJ738III rapier loom is developed and designed being a new type rapier loom for weaving of heavy and light fabrics with ideal performance-price ratio by Foshan Textile Machinery Manufactory, which has absorbed the advantage of the same type rapier loom of Chinese and abroad company.It is suitable to weave the cotton,chemical, fibre and blended yarn etc. and the machine has the features of simple structure,reliable performance and convenient maintenance.

Electron circuit control is adapted.It is convenient for starting.Inching motion,Single weft,stopping and that can display the yarn trouble of wrap and weft.

It is beneficial to raise the loom speed,that can make the machine runs more smoothly, and te quality of cloth is more stable.

The loom adopts 4 linkages with short crank arm and rocker adopts steel tube with the diameter 105 mm to ensure beat-up steady and weaving of heavy and high-density fabric.

It adopts GT221 dobby shedding motion,ensures the sufficient dwell time of the heald frame movement,it is favorable to adaptability of variety of fabric.

It can strengthen the rigidity of frame to reduce the vibration of the loom.

It can raise the looms speed and  make the weft career transmission is more stable.

This machine adopts continuous take-up motion of which the weft density can be easily adjusted through exchanging transform gear and the weft density is more extensive.

The loom adopts 6 linkages weft insertion that is ensure the weft insertion is steady also the rapier transmission box is suitable for high -speed running.

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