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  About Us :
     Vision Weave is formed in 2003.We deal in all types of Textile Machinery. Our experience in this field is from since 1952.
My father Mr. Mirani is one of technical mind, and he has taken experience from SASMIRA (MUMBAI) in very first Batch. I have got knowledge from him & also have done courses in SASMIRA. (BHIWANDI)

     We have got AGENCY of M/s Foshan Textile Machinery in year 2003; (Company is established in 1958) we have sold more than 150 Rapier Looms of our company in Bhiwandi & more than 350 Rapier Looms in south India also, our product is running in good condition & our all customers are happy with our product they are also placing repeat orders. Our Model No HJ738 has very low maintaining cost. It has been proved by the users that the trouble rate and the maintaining cost of HJ738 Model rapier loom is lower.HJ738 Rapier Loom has the advantages of stable running and low noises. Main thing is that you can weave {100% cotton Sized Yarn} on our HJ738 Model Rapier Loom.

     We have introduced one new model of pick finding, the automatic pick finding device can automatically execute the reversion of shed due to weft breakage. Making the warp let-off and take up motion retreat via driving shaft thus reducing the weft crack and crammed marks due to breakage. It can also improve the quality of fabric surface and easy operation. (HJ768) with 240 RPM in 230cm loom. It has continues take up & electronic let off, with the Beam flange of 750mm, it is drawn as like in Sulzer loom. Bigger warp beam flange (750mm) of which can increase the productivity. This machine adopts the special electrical control cabinet with LCD screen of which can display the working speed, output, trouble etc.We also have other cam loom product.

  Our Aim :
We believe in Good Quality & Service. As the Customers comes to us, they are investing there Life time earned money as a Capital investment, as they can get good benefit in Future. we always believe In customers Good Future.Our company is established in year 1958, having and experience of about
50 years in this field.  
 (Your Ambition is our Vision)

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